A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Panic! At The Disco's short film 'The Overture' featuring music from
their album Vices & Virtues -
at Universal Studio

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Panic! at the Disco "Ballad of Mona Lisa" Music VideoIt was Cold  afternoon n ist week of January . i went to Frends Beauty Store in Burbank and i bumped  a makeup artist that i used to work a couple of times in film a year before that year.He called my name but i cant grasp any word to say  because i was trying to remember his name ( im so bad in names huh).so we keep chit chatting while  looking for some merchandise. and suddenly he ask me if i am free on the second week to do the hair for music video he's booked for. and i said yes please email me the info because i was not familiar with the band name.i was waiting for almost week when i get his text message and ask me for my email as he lost my business card i handed him.after few hours i received  the information including treatment and call sheets. so i every details and search the Band name Panic! at The Disco. i got excited what i found out .....same director who who did their 2006 Music Video Award winner.No other than  Shane Drake (who previously directed the video for the band's breakthrough hit "I Write Sins Not Tragedy } and i was like OMG .. i got so excited and when i get to the set of shooting it  we have to do the makeup and hair of not just the main band member but there are more for major character. So i ended up Doing makeup as well as touch up for the entire shoot. and here's the final product of fun and creativity. Thanks for my awesome friend Steve Costanza for having me part of this music video. i am so proud of.Balld of Mona Lisa is Panic! at the Disco carrier single from thier album Vices and Virtue,

The first thing you notice is the top hat. Covered in cobwebs, it's the same one from Panic! at the Disco's breakout "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" clip, which won 
Video of the Year at the 2006 VMAs, and has since been lost to the sands of time, forgotten by all but the most ardent of the band's supporters (the clip was the one with the mimes at the wedding, just in case you forgot). Which, of course, means that the top hat is meant to be symbolic ... because much like everything else from that bygone era, theFever You Can't Sweat Out version of Panic! is dead and dusted.
Or, at least, that seems to be the deeper message in the video for "The Ballad of Mona Lisa," the first single from Panic!'s post-Pretty. Odd.post-bust-up comeback album,Vices & Virtues. Now pressing on as a two-piece (frontman Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith), Panic! are moving headlong into the future ... though they've still got to bury the past.
And in "Mona Lisa," they do just that. There's definitely death in the air .the whole thing is basically a wake for a recently deceased Urie .but give credit to Panic! and longtime director Shane Drake (who's done several clips for the band, including the aforementioned "I Write Sins ...") for not settling for heavy-handed symbolism. Because "Mona Lisa" is a lot more: part gushing 
steampunk tribute, part gloriously over-the-top performance piece, and, of course, a little bit murder-mystery dinner theater thrown in for good measure.
In other words, not only is it the most evolved Panic! clip, it's also probably their best. Not to knock their earlier productions, but vids like "Sins" or "But It's Better If You Do" or even "Nine in the Afternoon" pale in comparison to "Mona Lisa" ? they're simplistic and decidedly, uh, thrifty looking. This time out, Panic! go big, with a video that not only looks great ? the costumes, the set, the performance ? but actually unspools as a compelling story piece.
We wonder just who is hidden beneath the funeral linens (for a second, I honestly thought it was going to be departed guitarist Ryan Ross), and why Urie is stomping around with his hair wild and teeth yellowed (it's because he's a ghost trying to solve his own murder). And, most importantly, we ponder who killed him. When the big reveal finally happens, you genuinely feel like you've been swerved. And then we get to see one of those steampunk guns in action. So, you know, win-win. Please watch and tell me what do you think?

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