Welcome to Eugene Conde's Official Site. Eugene Conde is a Los-Angeles-based make-up artist and he works in the fields of commercial videos, films, and publications. Also, he does make-up for celebrities at special occasions such as Red Carpet Events. Furthermore, he does make-up and hair for brides and entourage. His makeup work has been featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Super Model, Rolling Stone, US Vogue, LA Direct, Japan Elle, Westlake, Flaunt, Look LA, Audrey, People, and ASIA. He has done the make-up for numerous music videos including "Overture," "Ballad of Mona Lisa," and "Im ready To Go," all music videos of the band Panic! At The Disco!

The Fresh Face: Whether doing make-up and hairstyle  for TV, Film, Music Video, photo shoots, Weddings, the stage, or runway,  Eugene Conde always wears his art and love for making somebody beautiful with a fresh approach. Part of that gleaming attitude is transforming many faces that graced magazine covers and spreads including Marie Claire Magazine, LA Magazine, Lemonade, Look LA, Audrey, Xtreme Detroit Magazine, OCPC, Cosmopolitan, and Vouge. Even a notable TV documentary called "The Mystery of Nazi Occult" for the National Geographic Channel, The Latest of "Panic! At The Disco," Music Videos such as" Ballad of Mona Li"," I'm Ready To Go," and "Overture" have been touched by Eugene's panache and knack for transforming different looks and moods specifically required. He is also responsible for some of the prettiest faces you see on Days of Our Lives, VH1, Lifetime TV, MTV, Discovery Channel, LA 18 Kababayan, LA Living, and KTLA.

Whether making the hosts look beautiful or simply making actors screenworthy, Eugene's work emerges with a novel touch to it.  There seems to be an endless flow of creativity in Eugene Conde as shown in scores of expressions involving runway and art direction. Some of these are "Diamond Night," "Poise International Beverly Hills," "Reflections," and "AnimaMetamorphosis" for Collage Studio. Newness is essential to Eugene Conde's expression as an artist. He is in constant watch for new ways and trends--and even technologies. Graphic designing brings Eugene Conde to a new level of staying up to date and finding ways to express through the exciting world of computers. He is bound to artistic limitless and  creative opportunities.

losangeles makeup artist-hairstylist

To request a Resume, Tearsheet, Portfolio, or Video Reels email: eugene@eugeneconde.com

Available for: Photography | Runway | TV/Video | Film/Movie | Stage| Flatform| Product Launching| Personal Appearances |Styling/Photos and Art Directing | Pageant | Period make-up & Hair | Corporate & Special Events | Music Video| Bridal |Debut| Education | Portfolio Development | Fashion Show Directing

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