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   What sets me apart from other makeup artists? Why would I want you to give you a makeover? My focus with makeup and ultimate goal is to enhance someone's face in a way they have never seen before. I don't like to accessorize people. I like to enhance them. My philosophy towards makeup is to let it come out of you as opposed to me putting it onto you. I like makeup that makes sense! I like to bring out someone's real personality with makeup. That is my favorite part. I don't like people to feel like they have a mask on, or like a clown. I want my clients to feel ten times more beautiful. I love people to look in the mirror and say "oh my god, I have never seen myself look like this before." That to me is the ultimate high, more than prestige or money. You would want me to give you a makeover because I would make you feel good! I appreciate beauty, that's why I'm in this business. People have something incredibly beautiful about themselves that they might not acknowledge. It is my job to let them know what that is. I don't believe in insincerity or pulling the wool over someone's eyes. I love the face and love beauty. I think what you would benefit from by sitting in my chair is a lot of honesty and positive feedback. I also love to teach and educate. I don't want people to feel like they have to continue coming back to me over and over again. I want to teach them the basic tools and knowledge to do it themselves. Remember  Less is more and you are out the door! Most people feel they have to pay attention to every square inch of their face. Often you should play up a feature you feel is your best. Don't be afraid to take chances! Most people are afraid to change their makeup because they feel their face is how others perceive them. I think people are nervous to go that extra step whether it is changing a color or texture. The minute you say "frost" people think your taking them back to Studio 54 in 1970. There are so many things you can do now. For those who  aspiring hair and make-up artist ? Practice, practice, and practice. Get your friends over to the house and do their makeup. Look in magazines, see what you love, and see what you hate. Practice a new technique, that's the only way you're going to learn and get experience. Look into makeup schools, there are some amazing schools out there that offer a variety of different services. A lot of cosmetic companies offer seminars and training on how to do makeup. Educate yourself and really check things out. keep up yourself with all the new trends and styles, and do incorporate  into your makeup repertoire. I am obsessed with European magazines because hey are spot on with trend. They are forecasting things into the future that we could not even imagine. I think that American magazines are so safe and not quite as avante guard. I love looking at fashion in terms of what textures are being used in clothes and in what colors. Makeup will definitely reflect on that. I read a lot and also look at young people on the street. Young people are spot on with trend. I try to take something I've seen, read about, or heard about and throw my own twist. Surf the net is the latest  and  the most relieable sources i ever found.
Into my  overall makeup look. I have even done makeup based on dreams that I have had. You have to adopt trends to fit into a person's makeup personality and be



Under Eye Flaking
The cause of this problem is dehydrated skin. Increase your water intake and apply eye creams day and night.

Under Eye Puffiness
Another cause of this puffiness is lack of sleep or excessive alcohol. To reduce the puffiness, you can apply a cold compress until the area returns to it's original state. If alcohol is the culprit, increase your intake of fluids to rehydrate the skin.

Dark Shadows Under Eyes
To cover dark shadows under the eyes, use an under eye concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. It should not be so light however that you appear to have white circles under your eyes. Apply it very gently with a brush until the darkness disappears. Make sure that the concealer is not overly oily or it will settle into any fine lines in the area.

Close Set Eyes
Choose two shades of your eye shadow... a light tone for the portion of the lid closest to the nose and a darker tone for the outer half of the eye. This will give the illusion of wider set eyes. You might even want to apply a heavier coating of mascara on the outer lashes. Be sure you blend the shadows into each other so that there is no noticeable line.

Minimizing a Large Nose
Shading the nose if done correctly, can make a wide nose look more narrow. You can also pay special attention to the cheekbones. Emphasize them to draw attention away from the nose. Same thing goes for the eyes. Adding height to a hairstyle will also take the attention away from the nose.

Correcting a Round Face
The only thing that is going to make a noticeable difference is a hair style. You can try using make-up but you need to know exactly what you are doing or you will look as if you have applied smudges of color to your face and that is what people will see.

Cosmetic Tip
Highlighters can do wonders for your face! It can make a thin face look wider, your cheekbones more prominent and your eyes look larger. Choose one that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and never choose white. A foundation that is lighter than the one you usually use can double as a highlighter but remember to apply sparingly and double check your application.

Makeup Tip
Have you tried everything to get rid of that double chin? Try a little contouring. All you have to do is apply a dark shadow under the center of the chin and blend toward the throat. Remember the blend well. It won't take the double chin away but it will make it less noticeable. Contouring can create some beautiful planes in your face but save it for evening. By day, it can simply make you look too made up. The problem is that the blending isn't thorough enough and your efforts are too noticeable. Keep in mind that less is more... always! Contour powder should be a neutral color with no red or yellow overtones. Ideally, it should be a few shades darker than your foundation. Actually, using a darker foundation is a good idea as it can be blended far more easily than powder. Again, Blending is very, very important. Practice, practice, practice. This is the only way you are going to become skilled at this application

Cheek Bone Tip
To accent those cheekbones, blend in three dots of liquid highlighter above the cheekbones. Dust a little brown contour powder below the cheekbones and then fill in
with your favorite shade of blush.                    

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