Video and Reel - Makeup and Hairstyle bv Eugene Conde

Eugene or Heuge to friends is a Multi-Award Winning hairstylist and make-up artist who provides the most up-to-date and top quality professional service. His workmanship speaks of the highest quality and is achieved through his passion for work and a commitment to ongoing education. To improve his craft,Heuge shows an unparalleled passion and stamina with manual dexterity, executing his artistitry with his color pallete, make-up brushes, and hair scissors . His creative eye speaks for his finished product and the good reviews he receives for his work. He is rather a perfectionist, like most artists are-- but he establishes a unique relationship with his clients by simply making them happy with his work: suggesting hairstyles compatible with the client’s physical features, lifestyle, and personality or simply by determining a style from the client’s instruction and preferences.

Heuge would always be worth the try for those who are looking for nice, quality, and headturner styles.

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Eugene Conde is a Los Angeles based make-up artist and works in the fields of commercial videos, films, and publications. He does make-up for celebrities at special occasions such as Red Carpet Events. And he does hair styling and make-up for brides and her entourage. His makeup work has been featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Super Model, Rolling Stone, US Vogue, LA Direct, Japan Elle, Westlake, Flaunt, Look LA, Audrey, People, and ASIA. He has done the make-up for numerous music videos including "Overture," "Ballad of Mona Lisa," and "Im ready To Go," all music videos of the band Panic! At The Disco

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